The Autonomous Physics Group is a group of scientists, engineers, and biologists who develop mathematical models for the physics involved in autonomy, understanding biological autonomous and extend to engineered systems.   APG is located at Oklahoma State University and led by Imraan A. Faruque.  

Jan 2024: Several funded postdoctoral, research engineer, and graduate positions are available for well-qualified applicants, particularly those with US citizenship. Click here to explore recent opportunities.

Lab group summer

Post-docs and research engineers

Sandra Vinnikova

Arif Billah

Christian Griffith

PhD students

Ishriak Ahmed, MS 2021

Saiful Islam

Mehdi Yadipour

MS Students

Ujjval Patel

Christian Griffith 

Patrick Williams

Nafis Nayeem


Emily Taber

Bryson Waugh

Madison Eulberg

Conner Kramer

Jacob Witthum

Patrick Williams

Eli Richard  

Ryan Krakow

Matthew Petty

Jacob Willis 

Nathan Baker

Ricardo Hernandez

Avery Walton

Tyler Tarver

Levi Penwell

Jacob Alexander

 Kurt   Kauk

Michael Ferguson

Ethan Lane

Jordan Taylor

Tim Runnels


Arif Billah, PhD 2023

Brandon White, MS 2021

Christian Griffith, MS 2023 

Ishriak Ahmed,  MS 2021

Mann Mansy, MS 2022

Christian Coletti, MS 2021

    Ujjval Patel,    MS 2021

Utsav Saxena, MS

Mac MacFarlane, PhD


Lab director

Prof. Imraan A. Faruque.  See About page.

Prospective members

If you are interested in joining the lab, see our current opportunities.

Affiliated faculty

Arvind Santhanakrishnan

Rushikesh Kamalapurkar

Richard Gaeta

Andy Arena